Sacred Seven Diya with Parot Stand: Illuminate Your Mandir

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Embrace the divine radiance of our Seven Diya with Peacock on Stand, a masterpiece of craftsmanship by Ritu's Meraki Art's. Handcrafted in India with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite brass set enhances the spiritual ambiance of your mandir. Symbolizing beauty and spirituality, the peacock adds an enchanting touch, while the seven diyas bring auspiciousness and create a serene atmosphere. With its intricate patterns and sturdy stand, this piece showcases sophistication and durability. Illuminate your sacred space and experience the sacred beauty of Ritu's Meraki Art's craftsmanship.

Color: Brass
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Color: Brass


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Seven Deep Set: This set includes seven deeps (diyas) that symbolize auspiciousness and are traditionally lit during religious ceremonies and festivals, creating a serene and devotional atmosphere.
Peacock Design: The deeps are adorned with a stunning peacock design, showcasing the beauty, grace, and spirituality associated with this majestic bird. The intricately crafted peacock adds an enchanting touch to your mandir.
Sturdy Stand: The deeps are placed on a sturdy stand, providing stability and elegance to the arrangement. The stand is crafted with attention to detail, featuring intricate patterns and designs that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.
High-Quality Brass Construction: Made from high-quality brass, this set ensures durability, radiance, and a long-lasting shine. The brass material adds a touch of elegance and serves as a reliable base for the deeps and stands.
Handcrafted in India: Each component of this set is meticulously handcrafted in India at Ritu's Meraki Art factory in Aligarh. Skilled artisans bring their expertise and passion to create a product that reflects the rich artistic heritage of India, ensuring exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Product Specification

Material - Brass
Size (H x W x D) - 10"x 4"x 4"
Weight - 1kg

Care Guide

At Ritu's Meraki Art, we take care of the maintenance and cleaning of our brass products for you. We dispatch orders after thorough cleaning and brushing, ensuring pristine condition upon arrival. Additionally, we apply a protective lacquer coat to prevent oxidation and discoloration. Trust in our commitment to quality and care for long-lasting beauty and elegance.


Introducing our exquisite Seven Diya with Peacock on Stand, a divine addition to your mandir. Meticulously handcrafted in India at Ritu's Meraki Art factory in Aligarh, this masterpiece is made from high-quality brass, ensuring durability and radiance.

Designed to enhance the spiritual ambiance of your mandir, this set features seven diyas with a stunning peacock on the stand. The peacock symbolizes beauty, grace, and spirituality, adding an enchanting touch to your sacred space.

Each diya is meticulously crafted with intricate detailing, reflecting the rich artistic traditions of India. The seven diyas signify auspiciousness and are traditionally lit during religious ceremonies and festivals, creating a warm and serene ambiance.

The deeps rest on a sturdy stand, providing stability and elegance to the arrangement. The stand showcases intricate patterns and designs, adding a touch of sophistication to your mandir decor.

Embrace the craftsmanship and dedication of our skilled artisans at Ritu's Meraki Art factory, who pour their passion into creating this masterpiece. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, they bring you a product of exceptional quality and artistry.

Illuminate your mandir with the divine splendor of the Seven Diya with Peacock on Stand. Let the gentle flickering flames invoke a sense of peace, devotion, and spiritual enlightenment. Experience the sacred beauty and craftsmanship that Ritu's Meraki Art is renowned for, and create a harmonious atmosphere in your sacred space.

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Looking for a customized size, color or design?
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